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Six best places to visit in Peru

I want to travel to Peru. Who wants to go with me???

Six best places to visit in Peru

Machu Pichu: Machu Picchu is South America's most popular tourist attraction, and was recently designated one of the world's new seven wonders. One's journey to Machu Picchu starts in the former seat of the Incan Empire, Cusco, with its historical buildings, before heading through the geographically and archeologically rich Sacred Valley.

Lake Titicaca: The world's highest navigable lake at 3810 meters, and one of the largest at 10,000 kilometers in volume, its sapphire-blue waters are known as the birthplace of the Incan gods, and home to pre-Incan civilizations, such as the Aymaras living on the man-made Uros Islets, that have changed little over the millenniums.

Nasca Lines: It was lost to the world until it surprised pilots in 1921 flying over this flat and desolate region of southern Peru. They looked down and saw lines and carvings extending as wide as 65 kilometers, featuring such forms as a monkey, a spider, a pelican, hummingbirds, a whale, a dog, and perhaps even an astronaut - or space alien. Archeologists are still debating the what, how, and why of these fascinating tokens of a lost civilization.

Arequipa and the Colca Canyon: Arequipa and the Colca Canyon represent the urban and rural Southern Peru at its most intoxicating. Arequipa, is the "white city," so named because so much of its extensive and exquisite architecture has been carved out of ashen volcanic rock. The pristine Colca Canyon offers opportunities for whitewater rafting, rock climbing, hiking, encounters with communities unchanged by colonization, and even dinosaur tracks.

Huaraz: Perched at 3,028 meters, Huaraz has always been a Mecca and magnet for rogue adventurers ready to risk everything scaling a rock or a glacier. Forget about Huaraz as a city, still barely recovered from a devastating earthquake over thirty years ago. This area, made famous by the film Touching the Void, also offers some of the greatest opportunities for mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, bird-watching, paragliding, skiing and spectacular sightseeing.

Iquitos: For many, Iquitos is gateway to Paradise. From monkeys to macaws, herons to hawks, and turtles to toucans, flora and fauna overwhelm the visitor. Chartered boats provide the opportunity to see many of these creatures, as well as the eye-opening foliage and flowers which serves as their home. Iquitos is home to the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, home to 100 species of mammals, 500 species of birds, and 250 species of fish. There are also local museums and opportunities for shopping.


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30 Wonderful Articles and Sites for Self Motivation

In desperate need for some motivation?

There is never a shortage of information on the web, with the topic of motivation as no exception.

Below are 30 articles and sites for motivation, so you will never be at a loss for ways to motivate yourself when you are feeling discouraged.

General Motivation

*Steve Pavlina – Motivation for Smart People (Sans Chest Pounding) – a great article on how to stay confident and motivated after coming up with a great idea

* – But They Did Not Give Up – this article offers inspiring little blurbs about famous and historical figures who faced setbacks but still achieved success through persistence

*Zen Habits – The Only Two Secrets to Motivating Yourself You’ll Ever Need – two great essential principles to live by to keep yourself motivated

*Think Simple Now – How to Achieve Anything – this article offers very interesting insight into examining why we don’t do something, and then changing these barriers within us

*Pick The Brain – How To Motivate Yourself – Self Motivation – interesting post on why we lose motivation and how to get it back through confidence and focus

*Steve Pavlina – Do It Now – fascinating article by Steve Pavlina who discusses how he accomplished outstanding scholastic achievements through motivation and focus

*Steve Pavlina – Overcoming Negative Emotions and Boosting Motivation – Steve discusses his use of motivational audio tapes to keep himself motivated

* – this is Nick Vujicic’s website. He was born without limbs but constantly strives to get the most out of life

*Make It Great – this is a blog by Phil Gerbyshak, dedicated to leading a positive and optimistic life and improving relationships

*A List Apart – Staying Motivated – A List Apart is for web designers, but this post is applicable to everyone

*Lifehacker – Hack Attack: Sustaining motivation – a great lifehack on staying motivated

*Life Optimizer – Self Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself – another post offering some great tips on how to motivate yourself and let go of your past

*Get Rich Slowly – The Power of Yes: A Simple Way to Get More Out of Life – an interesting post about breaking out of your comfort zone

*Persistence Unlimited – The Top 50 Blogs That Will Unleash Your Motivation – a great resource for a ton of different sites related to motivation

*The Motivation Tool Chest – this site has a lot of different articles and tools for how to motivate yourself

Psychology of Motivation

*Stanford Magazine – The Effort Effect – a fascinating article about a study on motivation done at Stanford

* – Motivation to Learn: An Overview – some psychological principles behind motivation

*Wikipedia – Motivation – it can’t hurt to understand the basics of motivation itself, can it?

Motivational Tips and Tricks

*Zen Habits – Top 20 Motivation Hacks – An Overview – some great motivational hacks brought to you by Leo Babauta, author of Zen Habits

*Zen Habits – The Ultimate Guide to Motivation – How to Achieve Any Goal – Another Zen Habits post. Leo just really knows motivation!

*Lifehacker – Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret – an interesting technique comedian Jerry Seinfeld uses

*Pick The Brain – 21 Proven Motivation Tactics – here are some useful tactics for improving your motivation

* – 50 Strategies For Making Yourself Work – some interesting techniques for keeping yourself working and staying self-motivated

* – Thirteen Tricks to Motivate Yourself – some more great tips to motivate yourself, brought to you by

*Zen Habits – Get Off Your Butt: 16 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump – Leo offers some insightful ways to get yourself out of a slump

* – 8 Tips to Create a Day to Recharge Your Motivation – some useful tips you can use to make time for yourself to recharge

* – 8 Steps To Continuous Self-Motivation – these are some wonderful techniques for sustaining long-term motivation

*WE The Change – Top 31 Motivation Hacks – even more interesting and relevant tips to motivate yourself

*The Positivity Blog – 5 Things to Remain Positive About When All Hope is Gone – there is a lot of discouragement out there.

Here is how to cope

*Betterlife-seeker – Five Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself – Better-life Seeker offers five interesting ways to ensure you are motivated


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R Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

Mood-Boosting Foods - KitchenDaily

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