Saturday, July 31, 2010

My idea of Paradise


We attract into our lives what we focus on and manifest the things that we desire through our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

If you have thoughts of joy and peace then you will be vibrating at a higher frequency and joyful and peaceful things will become attracted to you.

You can focus on your desire and then simply release it. The choice is up to you. Your thoughts and emotions will bring about the result.

The key to the law of attraction and manifestation is to stay in the vibration of your desire by focusing your thoughts in a positive way and with emotion.

Inspire Yourself : If you want something in life - go get it - period

Photoshop pictures,,,no one is what they seem!!! We live in a society that makes us think we are NEVER good enough .

Cool new gadgets I want

iNnovation: 2 Freakishly Futuristic iPhone Add-Ons

When the iPhone came out, did anyone really expect it to spawn all kinds of bizarre add-on devices that could make this seemingly innocuous smartphone powerful enough to do pretty much whatever we want it to? Well, we have a feeling some people did, because iPhone gadgets with associated apps have been bouncing out left and right. One of the most interesting (and useful) ones we’ve seen lately is this $50 dongle that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote. It’s made by L5 Technology, who debuted the device at CES 2010. According to them, it’ll actually control any compatible device within about 30 feet via a free app from the app store. Just select the devices you want to control, drag and drop buttons where you want them, and you’re good to go.

Another handy invention to debut at CES was the Mophie credit card reader device. It’ll let you take payments with nothing more than your iPhone, a third-party app, and this little device which attaches directly to your phone. Imagine how much easier this would be for merchants than carrying around a computer to take credit cards at trade shows and other remote locations.

Neck-Mounted Camera Lets You Blog Every Second of Life

You thought those personal blogs detailing every moment of some random person’s every day were annoying? Get ready for an even more personal level of sharing: the Vicon Revue is a wearable digital camera that takes pictures all day with no effort on the user’s part. The first version released is a research model used as a “memory aid” for people with Alzheimer’s or other memory issues…but the consumer version will likely be used for photographic picblogging of the fascinating minutiae of strangers’ lives.

The camera is equipped with a whole suite of sensors that tell it when to start snapping furiously. When the wearer’s environmental conditions – like the lighting level or ambient temperature – change, it snaps one pic per second. Otherwise, it takes a new picture every 30 seconds.If you’re the type of person who is inclined to record every second of every day, the Vicon Revue offers a simple way to do that without putting a lot of work into it. And since the camera is worn around the neck instead of held up to the face, it’s possible that the people you interact with will feel more at-ease than they would with a conventional camera pointed at them.

Cool Underwater Camera Casts Off to Catch Sea Life Pics

Here’s an invention for everyone who loves watching marine life at the beach but doesn’t want to actually get into the water. The Beriscope looks like a child’s toy, but it’s actually a little more sophisticated than that. The spherical end of the gizmo – which is actually a camera – is attached to a long tether that allows the ball to descend into the water. The user then places the device up to their eyes to watch the underwater show.

Throwing the camera into the water is a bit like casting a fishing line: you rear back and then let it go with all your might. When you’re ready to bring the camera back up, just twist on the opposite hand grip and the cord retracts like magic. Everything is coated in protective rubber, minimizing the chance that the device will be broken on the way down or the way back up.

It’s easy to imagine a gadget like this being used to scout out potential diving spots or just to get a taste of what it’s like under the water for those who aren’t able to scuba dive. It would be nearly impossible to direct the ball camera to a specific place, so this camera seems best left to those who are able to go with the flow and watch whatever underwater visions might happen to float by. But if the designer, Jaewon Choi, were able to add a light to the design, we can see it becoming a hot rental item at beaches all around the world.

Reasons to Smile

Walking down the busy city streets today in the pure sunlight I noticed that very few people were smiling, happy or showing any emotion at all!

Here I was beaming like a light....The funny thing is I actually felt guilty for being happy!

That's Insane!

How could this be? How could I have only noticed it now? Have you ever noticed this?

SO. The result of this I wrote all of the reason any human being on the planet should never frown again!

1 ) You are alive

2 ) You have breathe, some people need to be hooked up to a monitor in order to breathe

3 ) How can you be upset if you have no idea who you are? We are all a mystery.

4 ) You have food to eat, and a computer to read more beautiful things about yourself on.

5 ) You ARE

6 ) You are what you think, that is just beautiful!

7 ) You don't suffer from insanity

8 ) What have you ever accomplished angry? Happiness is creation.

9 ) You are more productive when you smile

10 ) When you encounter someone, do you want them to be angry or sad?

11 ) What would you do if everyone behaved like you ? How would the world be ?

12 ) Did you eat today?

13 ) Do you have to fight for your life today?

14 ) Are you in good enough health to notice?

15 ) Did you do your exercise today ?

16 ) How much progress have you made since you were a child?

17 ) What do you want to do with today ?

18 ) Do you love someone?

19 ) Have you ever felt love?

20 ) How many reasons do YOU need to smile? The answer is none.

The Beatles said it well,

"All you need is love"

Friday, July 30, 2010


I believe although we may not understand why, everything happens for a reason

I believe everyone deserves a chance, a first and a second

I believe everyone has potential

I believe there is someone for everyone

I believe if we tried things we didn’t know we were capable of, we would astound ourselves

I believe today’s society is focused on flaws rather than individuality

I believe we strive for perfection because it’s one of the only things that is out of our reach

I believe in world peace, equality and social justice

I believe we judge others only because we are insecure with ourselves

I believe we take too much for granted

I believe it is important to not only be honest with others, but to be honest with yourself

I believe in the importance of family and friends

I believe it is important to dream

I believe it is more important to chase after those dreams

I believe we don’t tell our loved ones how we feel as often as we should

I believe fear holds us back from so many things, so go for the things you’re afraid of

I believe our background influences who we are, but we are responsible for who we become

I believe that in time all of life’s hardest questions can be answered

I believe in a place called Heaven

I believe we are stronger than we could ever imagine

I believe that without suffering there would be no compassion

I believe you don’t know what you have until it’s gone

I believe we should forgive, but never forget

I believe we are afraid to love, because we are afraid to lose

I believe in miracles

I believe that one person alone could change the world

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some of my favorite pictures from my childhood

My mom is the most amazing woman in the world!!! I will never forget how much you sacrifice to keep us all together!!! This picture is my favorite even-though it was taken after you and Dad got a divorce. You are a strong and brave woman!!!

I've always had a love for horses!!!


I will always be my mom's little girl!!! I LOVE YOU MOM

I miss my grandparents so much!!!! You will always be close to my heart!!!



READ A BOOK!!!! It's ok,,,I have a great sense of humor. LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

Do something you LOVE!!! I enjoy riding motorcycles!!!


Dance and HAVE FUN!!!!

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