Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reasons to Smile

Walking down the busy city streets today in the pure sunlight I noticed that very few people were smiling, happy or showing any emotion at all!

Here I was beaming like a light....The funny thing is I actually felt guilty for being happy!

That's Insane!

How could this be? How could I have only noticed it now? Have you ever noticed this?

SO. The result of this I wrote all of the reason any human being on the planet should never frown again!

1 ) You are alive

2 ) You have breathe, some people need to be hooked up to a monitor in order to breathe

3 ) How can you be upset if you have no idea who you are? We are all a mystery.

4 ) You have food to eat, and a computer to read more beautiful things about yourself on.

5 ) You ARE

6 ) You are what you think, that is just beautiful!

7 ) You don't suffer from insanity

8 ) What have you ever accomplished angry? Happiness is creation.

9 ) You are more productive when you smile

10 ) When you encounter someone, do you want them to be angry or sad?

11 ) What would you do if everyone behaved like you ? How would the world be ?

12 ) Did you eat today?

13 ) Do you have to fight for your life today?

14 ) Are you in good enough health to notice?

15 ) Did you do your exercise today ?

16 ) How much progress have you made since you were a child?

17 ) What do you want to do with today ?

18 ) Do you love someone?

19 ) Have you ever felt love?

20 ) How many reasons do YOU need to smile? The answer is none.

The Beatles said it well,

"All you need is love"

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