Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm going to blog about Mobile today. WHY??? IT'S EVERYWHERE :) Are you listening to your customers? How do you talk to your Customers? IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS, A SHIFT HAS TAKEN PLACE.

The shift…People have started moving away from their home computers and laptops, and EVERYTHING IS GOING MOBILE...

Think about it...Your phone has become an extension of your arm. We sleep with our phones, eat with our phones, text while watching TV, text in bed, text in the bathroom, text on the toilet, (yes, you text on the toilet!)  text in airports, text at church, text while we are actually on the phone!

The reality today is that if you are not communicating to the only device that consumers carry with them everywhere - odds are you are NOT communicating with them - at least not effectively. 

The most cost effective way to reach Your customers - Text Message Marketing with iZigg.

Text messaging is used to directly and personally reach customers anytime and anywhere. Businesses can immediately launch unlimited sales campaigns and advertise to their customers easily, quickly and with great accuracy. Mobile marketing is the most direct link to businesses’ customers and employees.

As a business owner you may ask "why texting"? Being an early or at least an earlier adopter of marketing methods through digital devices can only benefit your business. And text messaging is much more targeted and gets a much faster response than any other advertising medium.

So if you want to be a part of the next HUGE TREND in business and tap into the millions of eyes, here is your chance for the first time to do just that.  With conversion rates as high as 68% and a entry point as low as $14.95 a month - Why are you waiting?

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iZigg Monthly Plans

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Through the iZigg iConnect plan and higher you will be able to create an opt-in list of subscribers as large as you desire. You will start by creating a keyword that your members or customers can easily remember text into 90210. They will be able to easily join your group, receive an enrollment offer and receive subsequent messages. With the ability to instantly send your messages via either our easy to use mobile dashboard or your mobile phone the iConnect plan can send updates, alerts, new product announcements, coupons and more. You can even setup and run a raffle within minutes!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

There has only been one man in HOLLYWOOD that I have absolutely fell gaga over until now.....


Let me pick myself off the floor_______________________________________________





Friday, May 6, 2011

Keep On Keepin’ On

Life is going to happen, whether you want it to or not. I think at one point or another perseverance has been a necessity to accomplish something in life, even to the most non-goal oriented person. Perseverance isn’t just continuing to pursue something, but continuing in spite of difficulties and obstacles. Maybe you were working towards something that you wanted, but others discouraged you from it. Or perhaps you wanted to accomplish something and life just so happened to throw bumps or maybe even potholes in the road to slow you down or distract you from reaching your goal. Some people jump over the hurdles thrown in their way, while others just quit, regardless of the size of the hurdle. What do you do? Do you quit at even the smallest sign of adversity, or do you keep your eyes fixed on the light at the end of the tunnel? I think most people have experienced both, I know I have. There have been times that I let life beat me down and I just gave up. Other times I’ve been relentless and pushed through the struggles. That’s where I’m at now. I’m pushing myself to keep on keepin’ on. And while I don’t have any large hurdles in my way at the moment, I’ve got to be prepared. Because for me to persevere, I have to expect the unexpected.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

7 Reasons WHY You MUST Pay Attention To Mobile Right Now:

Mobile Marketing Touches Everyone ;)

1. Your customers most likely own and use mobile devices. Actually more than 90% of the US population own one of these personal hip-pocket computers.

2. Mobile data usage continues to grow like wildfire. According to comScore, nearly two-thirds of mobile subscribers text and many those subscribers say that being able to text is more important than being able to make a phone call.

3. Mobile Internet usage continues its rapid rise and is showing no signs of slowing down. eMarketer reports that there are nearly 85 million US mobile Internet users.

4. Complete Smart Phone takeover is only a matter of time inevitably making the once cool flip phone forever obsolete.

5. Mobile is designed to be the most integrated marketing medium in the history of planet earth as mobile has the power to integrate online, TV, radio, print, social media, etc. and since these devices are always on, 100% portable and accessible pretty much everywhere makes mobile unlike any other form of media ever created.

6. Mobile is perfect for branding for the following reasons: deep engagement, minimal ad clutter and new and constantly evolving advertising experiences.

7. Mobile marketing can be used in “ANY” vertical to fulfill “ANY” goal. For example, mobile can be used to send coupons through SMS text messaging, or to brand through video or mobile display ads, or even used by retailers trying to drive consumers to a store or launch a new product line.

These 7 reasons above as to why you must pay attention to mobile are suggesting we’re now at the turning point where mobile usage is big enough for it to be considered a legitimate marketing platform for any kind of business and at this rate of growth, mobile will without a doubt challenge and ultimately surpass Internet usage. What this means is businesses will have to fundamentally change how they stay visible and build relationships with their target audiences. And probably one of the smartest decisions any business owner can make right now is to insert mobile into their overall marketing plan.

If you would like a free consultation discussing the potential with mobile and your business, call us now at: (404) 775-9293

Do it now before one of your competitors does. You’ll be glad you did.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have a new addiction and it's called iZigg,,,Everywhere I look all I see are eyeballs


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