Saturday, June 11, 2011

To live your passion…you need courage.

What does it takes to pursuit your passion?
All of us have heard of this thing call passion for life. What does it take to live your passion? It all sounded very romantic, like falling in love. However, in order to live your passion some time you have to face some scary thing.

Courage is the strength to stand up.
When it’s easier to fall down and lose hold.
It is the conviction to explore new horizons.
When it’s easier to believe what we’ve been told.
Courage is the desire to maintain our integrity.
When it is easier to look the other way.
It is feeling happy and alive, and moving forward.
When it’s easier to feel sorry for ourselves and stay.
Courage is the will to shape our world.
When it’s easier to let someone else do it for us.
It is the recognition that none of us are perfect.
When it’s easier to criticize.
Courage is the power to step forward and lead.
When it’s easier to follow the crowd; their pleas resound.
It is the spirit that places you on top of the mountain.
When it’s easier to never leave the ground.
The foundation of courage is solid.
The rock that doesn’t roll.
Courage is the freedom.
Of our mind, body, and soul!
~~ Author Unknown ~~

“March of the Penguins”


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