Monday, September 26, 2011

Ever think you just can't take it any the point you want to give up? Dig deep within're stronger than you think..

There are many times when you simply want to give up, throw in the towel or simply hide under the covers. However, when the insecurities within you start to surface; you can dig deep within yourself and find the strength necessary to get you through the toughest of times. 
Let’s look at some tips to get you started:
1.  Think back on the toughest of times you’ve encountered - How did you overcome these times? What did you do? What did you think? What did you tell yourself? Your resilience will become evident as you do this exercise and give you real hope for the future in dealing with other obstacles.
2.  Not only realize but truly recognize that you’ve made it through those difficult situations - Then think about what you’re experiencing right now. Is the current situation similar to or much different from your other tough times? Use what you’ve learned from your past challenges.
3.  Talk to yourself in a more encouraging and positive manner - This will help you build up your inner strength.  As if speaking to your own best friend, tell yourself what will most help and encourage you. What do you most want to hear? What do you need to hear to help gather your strength? Is there something specific you’re hoping will happen? This may actually be the toughest exercise of all. Too often you tend to be hardest on yourself but recognizing this is one of the first steps in finding the inner strength that lives within you.
  • Practice providing yourself with encouraging, uplifting messages such as affirmations or uplifting music. The messages you give yourself can be less than helpful or they can propel you through the roughest of circumstances. 
4.  Allow yourself time to think through whatever the situation is. It’s okay to feel confused. Again recognizing this will in fact remind you that you are human which quite often you tend to forget. What are your ideas about how to weather the storm? Examine all the solutions you can come up with. Explain to yourself what you’ll do and how you’ll do it.
  • A sense of your own resourcefulness can be found in your ability to problem-solve through challenging situations.
5.  Consider who you look up to as mentors or role models - You selected those particular individuals because you respect and admire them. They are also the type of ‘strong’ individuals that you want to emulate. So, think about their strength of character. How do you know they have it? What does that strength look like? How does it manifest?
6.  Think back on what you’ve done or been through that you’re most proud of. Was it making it through college although you had to work while you attended classes? Perhaps it was getting married at a young age and your relationship lasting against all odds. Maybe it was moving out on your own for the first time and figuring out you could take care of yourself. Even though you might have felt afraid, uncomfortable, lost, or confused, you discovered your internal resources and made it through those experiences.
  • When you examine what you did to handle those situations and how you made it through, you’ll recall your inner strength.
7.  Sometimes, you’ve just got to “fake it till you make it.” (This is my husband’s favorite and one he uses often) Remember getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time on your own or perhaps standing in front of an audience for the first time? I’m sure you can recall the feelings of fear creeping up within you, however, the best part of the whole experience was that you stood up and met the challenge head on.
You are stronger than you think and discovering your inner strength is possible, even in the toughest of times. Following the steps above will help you discover the courage and resilience that you have within you. Stop the negative talk and instead dig deep within you..because with the strength you own, you can handle anything!

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