Monday, January 23, 2012


Guys, If she puts up with the pain you put her through with a smile on her face then know that she really cares about you and loves you very much, If you hurt her and she has the heart to forgive you and still love you with all her heart, Then know that she is the one you want to be with. So please don’t go looking for someone better when you have someone right in front of you who you obviously mean the world to, Show her the love and respect she deserves guys. She’s willing to go through all this hurt that you put her through and at the end of the day and still love you so much. Don’t take her for granted at all, notice everything she does for you and give her recognition, say “Thank you” or even do something nice for her one day to show her how much you appreciate the fact that she loves you with all her heart and the fact that she stuck with you through the good and the bad times in the relationship. You know, show her that you love and care for her as much as she loves and cares about you is all I’m trying to say.

Life is so great when you have someone that meets you in the driveway and hugs and kisses you like you've just fallen in love and you share that first kiss everyday all over again. When they look you in the eye and tell you they want to spend the rest of their lives putting a smile on your face everyday. When he sees a bouquet of roses and realize he has yet to give you any and buys them just because. When we leave for work I go straight he veers to the left and I swear he pulls my heart right out of my chest and takes it with him. I can't wait to see what every new day brings. I Love our date nights our dances our laughter our kisses our passion our desire to keep our faith and our love and romance alive. I look forward to "Time With You".

What is love? Love starts out small- Too small to be noticed, But in the end it conquers all. What begins as a hug between friends Can grow and grow Until it's something beautiful that never ends. Love is never sure, But it trusts, With a faith that is sweet and pure. Along the way, it may stumble, But no matter how hard the fall, Its trust never crumbles. Love is a flower- a sweet, red rose- Yet it's thorns hold power; More than anyone knows. Nothing hurts more than love nonreturnable And nothing's more dangerous Than a lover spurned. Love is so tender and sweet That some may wish to destroy it, Through lies and deceit. Envy is caused by a love that is true, But no matter how jealous they are, Your love is something to hold onto. Love endures through all Because it is willing to rise up Once again after a fall. Through the pain & sorrow of the night, It waits patiently for the joy That comes with morning's first light. Love is a treasure above anything else, Much more precious than silver, And much bigger than self. So if love has been found by you, Hold tightly to it, Never give up, and always be true. Love is worth risking any pain That heartbreak may cause Because of what you stand to gain. And where ever you have been led, Love was worth it, As a great person once said: "I hold it true, whatever befall... It is better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all."




Love can do anything for you!
All you have to do is give
love by feeling good,
and any negativity in your relationships
will fade away.
Whenever you are faced with a negative
situation in a relationship,
the solution is always love! You
won’t know how it will be solved,
and you can never know how,
but if you maintain feeling good and give love,
it will happen.

The More you give love and feel good,
the more magnetic your field becomes
and the more it expands,
drawing everything
and everyone
You love
to you!

Love Will Do Anything For You

You can harness the force of love to help you with
Anything in your life. You can hand over anything you need
To remember, and ask the force of love to remind you of it
At the perfect time.
You can have the force of love be your
Alarm clock and wake you at the time you want. The force of
Love will be your personal assistant, money manager, personal
Health trainer, relationship counselor, and it will manage your
Money, your weight, your food, your relationships, or any
Task you want to give it. But it will only do these things for
You when you unite with it through love, appreciation, and
Gratitude! It will only do these things for you when you join
Forces with it through love and let go of your white-knuckle
Grip on life in trying to control everything on your own.
“ As your faith is strengthened you will find that
There is no longer the need to have a sense of control,
That things will flow as they will, and that you will
Flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.”
Wingate Paine (1915-1987)

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