Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Make Your Day Productive

It is said that "WORK IS WORSHIP". We all are involved in some activity or the other. We all get the same number of hours to do our work. Yet, we have different results. Many people do their work aimlessly, having no purpose and planning. At the end of the day, they do not have the desired results.

Given below are some tips which can help in improving productivity:

* Planning: Generally people prepare a plan for the day in the morning. But it is advisable that you plan your next day’s work in advance before going to bed the previous night. This gives you an edge. It saves a lot of time. You can also do the more important tasks first rather than wasting time on doing the less important ones.

* Upgrading: Many people know, it helps to sharpen your axe from time to time. Keep upgrading yourself in every possible way. It is necessary that day by day we improve ourselves to increase productivity.

* Time Management: Proper time management improves your productivity. Therefore prioritize your work and do not waste your previous time in non-productive activities. Giving value to your time adds value to your work.

* Learn From Mistakes: Be quick to learn from mistakes and do not repeat them. Carelessness and ignorance can lead to wastage of previous time and can keep you busy with no productivity.

* Attain Balance: Live a life of balance. There are seven important areas in our life. For long lasting and true success, devote equal time to your health, family, wealth, intellect, society, spiritualism and religion. Have a holistic approach.

* Be Neat: De clutter your work station. It does save a lot of time!

* Be Organized: File important papers separately and be meticulous. Waste papers should be discarded in the bin. All this saves energy which can be used to produce more work.

* Be Result-Oriented: Spend your time only in qualitative work whether it is in your personal life or professional life.

* Sleep: Though it is the simplest, it is also very important that you get enough sleep and rest during the dry. Never compromise on sleep because in the long run it can affect your productivity drastically. Sleep deprivation can cause lack of enthusiasm.

* Relax: Learn to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Take a break from time to time, especially the meal break is very important. Never compromise on that. People, who feel that skipping their meals to do some work is a great idea, often feel exhausted very soon. Therefore do not commit their blunder. You definitely need proper meals to recharge your batteries.

Thus planning and organizing your work enables you to get better results and in the end leaves you satisfied. This way you don’t feel stressed and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

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