Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bring Man’s Best Friend Along On Your Next Motorcycle Ride

Ride All Day…Play All Night!

We all know that dogs love when the windows are rolled down and they can feel the wind blowing in their faces, so how could they not love that feeling of freedom we all get while riding a motorcycle? But, since not all dogs take to riding on motorcycles with their people, it’s best to start slow…after all, the most important thing is to keep your four-legged companion safe. Most Harley riders put side-cars on their bikes for their canine buddies since it’s the safest and smartest way to bring them along (not to mention, it’s the only way that we would recommend bring your pet with you for a ride!). As you introduce the experience to Rover, be sure to watch his behavior, if riding seems to stress your pooch out, try to ease him into the experience by starting off with brief rides around the block and then gradually increase to longer rides. If that doesn’t seem to work, then don’t force it; some pets just weren’t meant to ride the open road! That doesn’t mean we love them any less! Even if they can’t join you on your ride, at least you know they’ll be there to greet you when you get home from an exhilarating day of riding!

But, if your dog does take to the bike and the open road, you definitely want to make sure that he/she looks the part! Check out this Bad to the Bone Bandana, this will guarantee that your pet is Harley-ready and the two of you can ride off into the sunset together…in style, of course!

And, if you think we’re crazy for talking about taking your furry companion along with you on your next ride, well, think again! Check out these awesome Harley riders and their Harley-riding pets:

Benjamin does not like to be left at home. He loves the wind in his ear

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