Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mobile Marketing with iZigg Mobile-I will show you how YOU can get involved and Capitalize on this revolution!!!

Mobile Marketing

They say Mobile Marketing is predicted to be bigger than the Internet within a few years.
Entrepreneur.com says “There is absolutely no doubt THIS is the year of mobile marketing.”
Google President of Americas Operations, Dennis Woodside says ”Mobile technology is going to create the largest technology market EVER.” 

Are you ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity?  If so let’s ride this wave, capitalize on the mobile revolution by helping businesses and building a winning team.

iZigg is poised to be a dominant brand in mobile media.  They are creating the largest and most powerful brand name in all of Mobile Media through their gateway…their shortcode, the most widely recognized in all of Mobile Media…90210.  Can you even name another shortcode?

So how can YOU get involved and Capitalize on this revolution?

Step 1:  Go to iZigg and  watch the videos along with this video (takes 20 seconds to load).
Step 2:  Call me at 404.775.9293 to get your questions answered and I will connect you with one of Co-Founders to get your plan of action started!
Step 3:  Get on one our live calls or webinars, see our schedule and then call me at 404.775.9293.
Mobile marketing is happening now, don’t get left behind.
Check Out These Recent Facts:
  • 97% of SMS Text Marketing Messages ARE OPENED
  • 90% of emails are SPAM and go unopened and
  • Google reports that 90% of Internet connections will be on mobile devices within the next 3-5 years
  • There are 4.1 Billion cell phones used worldwide..that’s twice as many cell phone users than Internet users.
  • 52,083 texts are sent every second
There’s twice as many cell users as than internet users!
Who’s Using Mobile Media?

Plus Car Dealerships, Mortgage Brokers, Salons, Resorts, Colleges, Amateur & Professional Sports Teams, Police Departments, Cities, Celebrities, Churches, Ski Resorts, Political Campaigns, Charities, Concert Venues, Consultants, Authors, Publishers, Hotels, Tattoo Parlors, Gyms, Travel Agencies, Girl & Boy Scouts, PTA Organizations…ANYONE doing a promotion and wants to connect with customers instantly!

How Are They Using Mobile Media?

HAVE A BOOK TO PROMOTE??? WE CAN HELP!!! The iZigg 90210 platform is also great for Authors trying to promote their books, signings, etc.

To send a message to their customers about: VIP specials, new products, daily promotion, 10% off purchase, 2 for 1 special, contests, raffles, sports updates, coupons, seminars, webinars, appointment reminders, college updates, college groups, team scores, high school alerts, new home listing, interest rate mortgage change,  movie premier, concert info, put a link to your website or blog…

Personal branding is just as important as branding a business.

Miss Teen Alabama, Jorden Estis.

SCREAM Star Entertainment is a multi-dimensional artist development and entertainment brand based in Atlanta, GA.
The SCREAM Tour has chosen iZigg 90210 for their exclusive Mobile VIP platform.
If you want to know who's going to be on the SCREAM Tour this Summer, get exclusive offers like front row seats, backstage meet & greets, free merchandise and more, then you will want to Text SCREAM to 90210.

Amber alerts, weather alerts, church schedule, text to vote, text to win, event reminder, put a link with a video or photos, the possibilities are endless.  You can customize it to anything you want to say in a 160 character message.  Brand your business or You.

So how does it work and how do I send the message?

1) Select a keyword, 2) Promote  your keyword on all of your current advertising; facebook fan page, store window, receipts, website, blog etc.   3) Play.  Have your customers text your keyword to 90210 to receive VIP updates or whatever you want to promote.  It is not spam because they opt-in and can opt-out at anytime.
Get out your phone and where you put the 10 digit phone number enter 90210 and in the message enter infonow.  Check out the sample message!

Call Me at 404.775.9293 to get your Mobile campaign started or see how You can be a part of our team.  Your Customers are on their cell phones, are You?

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